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Fee includes two (2) Saturday passes, one (1) parking pass, one (1) Tartan Day South program, one (1) eight-foot (8-ft) table, two (2) chairs


10’x10’ Tent Space (provided): $90.00


Per Extra Table: $10.00


Per Extra Chair: $5.00


Due by Monday, March 14, 2022. Make payable to: Historic Columbia Speedway c/o Tartan Day South 2001 Charleston Hwy. Cayce, SC 29033

Tartan Day South Release & Indemnification Agreement

By my signature below I commit to participate in TARTAN DAY SOUTH (TDS) located in Cayce, SC at the Historic Columbia Speedway. I have read the entire application and all the rules and conditions therein and hereby incorporated by reference and agree to abide by them. For good value and consideration, including participation in TDS, hereinafter known as the “Event”, the undersigned applicant and all successors, heirs, assigns, executors, administrators, legal representatives, employees, agents and affiliates (and if a corporation, all its officers, directors and stockholders) collectively herein known as the “Applicant”, forever release and discharge Historic Columbia Speedway LLC, Celtic Force Enterprises, Inc., Sellers and Son Holding Co. and The River Alliance from all claims, demands, losses, costs, expenses, suits, damages, obligations, liabilities, causes of action and judgments whatsoever, in law or in equity, which any of the foregoing, any or all of the Applicants ever had, now or which they hereinafter can, shall or may have for, upon or by reason of any matter, cause or thing whatsoever arising out of the Event. The Applicant agrees to and does hereby assume any and all risks of personal injury to the Applicant, including death and damages to Applicant’s property, caused by or arising out of Applicant’s involvement in the Event. The Applicant hereby agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold Historic Columbia Speedway LLC, Celtic Force Enterprises, Inc., Sellers and Son Holding Co and The River Alliance, their employees and directors, their partners’ and their employees and directors, harmless from and against any clam, demand, suit, loss, causes of action, liabilities, obligations, costs, expenses, and judgments (including without limitation, death and damages to property) caused by Applicant’s acts or omissions or failure to abide by the rules and conditions herein. Historic Columbia Speedway reserves the right to final interpretation of all rules.
I Agree to the Release & Indemnification Agreement Above

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