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 March 25 – 28 2021


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A Decade of the Tartan Day South Celtic Festival

The 10th Annual Tartan Day South Celebration is a four day event honoring Celtic heritage in our area. The festival is an array of different events at many different venues featuring unique sports, incredible music, great foods and interactive as well as interesting exhibitions.  The event is one of a kind in the midlands.   Nearly 85,000 patrons have attended Tartan Day South events  since 2011, the growth has been phenomenal in just 9 short years.   Come join us in celebrating the contributions of Scottish and Irish Americans and the culture they love that brings such great fun for all ages right here at home!

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Celtic Tides

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Sons Of Vikings

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Cape Woolamai

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Today, Cape Woolamai Mercantile brings our collection of unique, boutique quality products from family businesses in Australia, through our family business, to families across the US and Canada. We operate as a mobile & online retailer, bringing the store to our customers at local, regional and national events, or to your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Cape Woolamai Mercantile will continue to push the boundaries of integrated mobile & online retail to deliver the personalized and personable customer experience of days gone by, in our modern world. Because doing business with a personal touch, a commitment to service, with an unwavering focus on creating happy customers, should never become obsolete.

Scottsh GourmetUSA

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La Wren’s Nest

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Quality Historical Wares & More…

La Wren’s Nest is a family-owned business, originally based in Maine. Our company began in 1997 making custom wool cloaks.

Since our beginning, we’ve gradually expanded to include historically-accurate Celtic & Scottish, Viking, Classical and Medieval period clothing, arms and armor, cloaks and clasps, historical jewelry, circlets, tapestries, accessories, and many quality gift items.

All of our circlets, cloaks, and historical clothing are custom-made. Other items have been hand-chosen for their unique craftsmanship and high quality. Our specialty is custom-made early clothing. If there is something you are looking for and don’t see it on our website, please ask us about it!

The Scottish Cottage

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Near and Far Scottish

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Welcome to Near And Far Scottish LLC 

 Charlotte, North Carolina 

Your Scottish Department Store In The Southeast!!

– Jewelry from the UK and Scotland

– Fine Pewter Giftware, Quaichs, Pewter Tankards, Flasks

– Imported Soaps and Fragrances, including INIS

– Scottish and Celtic Housewares, Ceramics and Home Decor

– Plus other unique items Made In And Imported From The UK

– Custom Kilts and Ladies Apparel From Scotland, Ireland, and Wales

 Tartan Products – Sashes, Scarves, and Neckties are stocked year round. We also offer special order cummerbunds, bowties, wedding garters, stoles, serapes, etc.

– We stock Highland Shirts, Balmorals, Glengarries, Kilt Hose, Flashes, Belts, Buckles, Sgian Dubhs, Sporrans, and Ghillie Brogues (we carry a few in stock or can special order).

– Embroidered Scottish Clan Crest Polo Shirts representing approximately 110 clans that are embroidered in the USA. We stock approximately 102 clans in various sizes and colors, but can also assist with special orders. Our standard stock shirts are 100% Cotton from pre-shrunk fibers available in mens sizes only.

Teaghlach Designs

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American Highlander Kilts

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Spiral Flutes

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Hand Crafted River Cane Flutes

Thank you for your interest in my River Cane flutes

The river cane that I use grows locally here in Florida where I live. It produces a very strong, durable flute.
I am appreciative of the fact that I was given the ability  to turn this beautiful, self renewing  gift of the earth  into fine musical instruments. I keep the finished product simple, to enhance the natural elegance and beauty of the reed.

Coming from a musicians background, I place great importance on tuning the flutes accurately to ensure consistency of pitch.
And coming also from a place in time where I knew nothing of how to play a flute, I also place great importance on producing an instrument that it is easy to learn on, and pleasant to play.

May the journey with your flute open the song within your heart.

The Infamous Welsh Cookie Company

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The InFamous Welsh Cookie Company was started by my father, David Browne, after he retired in the 1994. I helped in the “family business” for a few years before branching out on my own in 2007. My brother Michael also makes fine Welsh Cookies. Between the three of us, you can find these tasy treats at over 100 events each year.

The Traditional Welsh Cookie (Welsh Cake, Miner’s Cake, or picau ar y maen) recipe has been known for over 800 years. These griddle-fried treats fed generations of Welsh coal miners in both Wales and the United States. We have created original recipes based on the Traditional since 1996. My family and I enjoy them as much now as we have since I had that first bite over 45 years ago and we hope you do too!

The Celtic Exchange

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We specialise in Celtic jewelry and crafts from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Cornwall – including from American craftspeople celebrating their Celtic heritage…

Argyll Collection

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Lords of the Seas

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Lords of the Seas is proud to provide items that support the following Celtic/Norse needs and wants: Tartans which state who we are and where we come from; Tartans in wools that keep us warm and dry; glasses that hold our whisky (whiskey) and Scotch that keep us warm and congenial; crystal decanters that delight us and our guests, lead free pewter Sash Pins and Brooches that attract attention because of their beauty and uniqueness; Brooches that hold our sashes and Plaids securely in place; Clan Histories explaining our origins; Verse and sentiment that come from our hearts and many other items that are dear to the Celtic/Norse soul.

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