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Colin MacLeod

Celtic Fiddle Guru

Colin MacLeod, “The Celtic Fiddle Guru”, is opening new windows to the potential of music in people’s lives.

Colin is originally from Scotland and now travels the world engaging audiences through playing Celtic fiddle, telling stories, teaching and performing. Colin loves to play from the heart as he shares his rich knowledge about the Celtic culture.


Matthew Dickerson began playing the hammered dulcimer at the young age of 15 on a homemade instrument he had constructed from a water damaged piano. He developed a love for the music that is contagious to anyone listening. As of 2018, Matthew has chosen music as a full time venture performing and teaching across the United States as well as in the studio and online. With a genuine appreciation for great music and talent in multiple genres, he continues to reach for new heights in both style and performance as he represents  himself as one of the best dulcimer players in the country.

EJ Campbell, a New Jersey native, was born into Irish music. He learned most of the songs in-person watching his mentors, the Dublin-born Willie Lynch(The Willie Lynch Band) and Kerryman Kevin Guerin(Round the House), perform in establishments all around New Jersey and New York. As a young boy, he was even called on stage to sing with the Wolfe Tones who were mesmerized an American child knew all the lyrics to their songs. Campbell didn’t pick up his guitar until his senior year of high school and hasn’t put it down since. After honing his craft practicing home and playing family parties, he got his first opportunity performing between sets for ‘Round the House. Since then, he’s performed around New Jersey and is excited to bring his style of Irish folk music to South Carolina!

Dr Bruce Durie will perform a selection of Music of the Jacobite Times, interlaced with the REAL history behind each one.
Scotland had at least five Jacobite Rebellions or Risings between 1688 and the disastrous battle of Culloden in 1746.
Some were pro-Jacobite; some were anti-Jacobite; some were outright satires.
Some recounted the actual historical events; and some were basically spin and fake news. You will never hear or sing these refrains the same way again.
Song-Sheets will be provided. Oh yes!