Traditional Dancing Exhibtions

Tartan Day South presents a full day of dancing exhibitions featuring Irish Step Dance, Scottish Country Day Dancing, and Highland Dancing.  The dance stage rotates every hour exhibiting the three traditional genres. The music is lively and you might even be asked to try it yourself!

Sheep Dog Herding

Watch the amazing work of these highly skilled dogs working with a world class trainer.  Border Collies have long been the breed of choice for herding livestock. They have been bred for generations for their ability to think and herd livestock, and therefore the working lines of Border Col-lies come in a variety of coats, colors, and ear sets as well as the possibility for one
or both of their eyes to be blue.  The show has been a crwod favorite at Tarta Day South since 2010.

Birds of Prey

Dale Arrowood founded  Winged Ambassadors with a mission to promote environmental conservation, specifically protection for the wildlife that we share the earth with, through a uniquely designed program of education.  These Programs feature some of the very Birds of Prey responsible for long ago capturing his fascination.  His exhibitions have now provided thousands of people in many different communities the rare and exhilarating opportunity of coming face-to-face with these breathtaking animals as they learn more about them and the complex,  important roles they play in supporting the geographical ecosystems on which we all rely.

Axe Throwing

Enjoy the ancient art of Axe Throwing while being taught by experts.  The old Celtic sport of throwing the battle axe is still being practiced today. Axe throwing is one of the more popular events for not only men, but women and children as well. For centuries a favorite use of the Tomahawk has been for sport.

Sighthound Lure Coursing

Lure coursing is a system of mechanized lures and pulleys that simulate the unpredictability of chasing live prey. Dogs of eligible breeds—sighthounds—are evaluated for follow, speed, agility, endurance, and overall ability as they pursue an artificial lure zigzagging across an open field.