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Tuatha Dea & SYR


Lift Irish Band & Night Travelers

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Tuatha Dea is pure primal energy with a Celtic and World twist. The bands eclectic sound blends the tribal vibe of primitive drums with conventional and non conventional instruments such as guitar, fiddle, bass, modern and Native American flutes, Didgeridoo, DRUMS and more as well as a myriad of vocal styles to create a truly unique sound. Tuatha Dea is a Gaelic phrase adopted from the Celtic mythology of the Tuatha de Danaan whose literary history originates in Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. If you are looking to categorize their sound….how about some APPALACHIAN CELTIC TRIBAL GYPSY ROCK!

SYR is an up and coming group based in the Columbia area that has grown out of traditional Celtic music roots. Their sound has evolved into upbeat, rhythmic original songs, as well as their own adaptations of  more traditional tunes. Solid vocals backed by a good rhythm section and accentuated by a fiery fiddler, Syr is a band to watch and listen for in the future. TDS is pleased to have them return to this year’s lineup. Here’s a cut from their latest CD. The title of this tune is Home

Lift Irish Band is a vivacious Trad trio based out of Orlando, Florida in the USA. Their music combines dynamite traditional Irish playing edged with brilliant splashes of Americana, Jazz, Funk, Breton, and Greek styles. Alternating between songs and tune sets, the triad pumps out lines and lyrics that are driving, soulful, sassy, eloquent, and heartfelt.

The Night Travelers are a virtuosic, artistic and charismatic musical duo with the acoustic impact and harmonic depth to please any audience. Drawing on multiple genres (World, Bluegrass, Folk, Country, Americana, Blues, Jazz, Celtic, Classical, and Pop/Rock) and focusing on tone and presence by creating incredible virtuoso arrangements for each instrument. Two members, James McKinney & Nikki Portmann have been inducted into the Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame. At TDS, The Night Travelers will be a trio at TDS and feature Randy Smith on fiddle.